Ashburn Elite Track Programs



Youth - Ages 5 to 14.  We will continue to have 2 teams: (click here to register)

Club Team– for athletes that are new to track and have not qualified for a National Track Meet.  This team will participate in local track meets in Northern Virginia.  This team, is also for kids who wish to improve their speed, but may not be able to participate in meets. 

​We anticipate practicing in the Ashburn/Lessburg areas.  At this time, the county has not assigned the track locations.



The Short distance team (Sprinters) practice on Monday and Wednesday.

The Long Distance team practices on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

There are some Saturday practices before the meets start for both Sprinters and Long Distance athletes.  We expect practice to start at 6:30, but may need to slightly adjust based on enrollment.


​At this time, the county has not assigned track locations.  As soon as we have a location, we will post it.  We have requested tracks in the Ashburn/Leesburg area.


Intermediate/Elite (travel)Team - for the athlete that is competing on a higher level and requires a strong commitment to track.  In past years, the team traveled to Hampton, VA, Richmond, the Outdoor Championship at Disney and the participated in the Junior Olympics.  This team is by invitation only.  The Coaches will continue to evaluate athletes throughout the season for the team and new athletes performing at a higher level will be given the opportunity to train with the Elite team. 


High School  (click here to register)

For all High School athletes (grades 9-12).  High School athletes will have the opportunity to train with experienced USATF Certified coaches and compete in numerous local and travel meets, including National meets held during the summer.  A higher emphasis will be given on core strength, increased flexibility as well an understanding of body mechanics and over all muscle recover and nutrition. In addition to our Long and Short Distance training programs, our program includes weekly “Specialty Training” in events such as Hurdles, High Jump, Long/Triple Jump, Shot Put and Discus.   High School athletes practice on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, with some Saturday practices.

There are 2 options for the High School athlete, depending on whether they will be participating with their High School Team:


High School Outdoor Season - This program is for the High School athlete who has chosen to join the Ashburn Elite High School Team as their primary track program and is not participating on their High School’s track team.


Next Level High School Program - This program is only for the High School athlete who is participating on their High School Track team.  In addition, this program offers support in technique, strategy and track expertise to supplement their High School training.

Athletes generally practice and attend meets with their High School team.  They are open to participate with our club’s practice and meets during and/or when their High School season ends.   Athletes may attend practices, meets and weekly specialty training when it does not conflict with their High School team.



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