High School & Youth 
Speed & Strength Training

(Lead by Ashburn Elite's USATF Certified Coaches)


Based on the overwhelming number of requests for additional training, Head Coach Derrick Greene,  will be offering an additional September-October training program. This program is designed for the serious athlete who wishes to significantly improve their athletic competence and is considered supplemental training to the normal Track and Field seasons training and conditioning.


The Program:

The Sept-Oct program will focus on strength as it relates to sprinting and explosive muscle development. Athletes will also master proper sprinting technique & mechanics, rate of force production and drills to develop the ability to recruit fast-twitch muscle fiber for dramatic improvements in their ability to accelerate. In addition, we will offer unique quickness and reaction drills and exercises that are proven to transform the athletes overall footwork and increase overall power output.

Skills developed from this program will benefit athletes in Track and Field as well as other sports such as football, soccer, lacrosse and basketball. Moreover, a higher emphasis will be given on core strength, increased flexibility as well an understanding of body mechanics and over all muscle recover and nutrition. 


Programs offered:

Youth Speed Training 

High School Speed Training


Long Jump

High Jump


​There is a $25 sibling discount for the Youth and High School Speed Training programs.



All Training will be held at the NOVA Sports Performance Facility in Ashburn.



**There will be some limited sholarship opportuntities on a per family basis.

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** Scholarships - Please contact Coach Greene if you wish to participate but are finding it difficult in anyway. We understand there many different types of family situations and our goal with Ashburn Elite or any of its Partnership training programs is to improve the situation/condition of our kids/athletes.